Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Well, I'm going to be a grandmother!  My oldest daughter & her husband are expecting a bundle of joy in June!  I am very excited to have a baby around but, the title is really not sitting well with me.  I have been researching the web looking for a good , cool "grandma" name!  Help!!

The most fun is preparing for the baby!  I've been working very hard making things for her nursery! 

Yes, it's a girl! I have started this wreath for her door. I'm not sure exactly what I'm putting in the middle of the wreath yet.

I also started learning how to make bows. I had some scraps of ribbon around so I practiced with these.

Then, my ADHD kicked in & I just had to try to make a ribbon holder like these from KIDDIE KOUTURE in Ruston.

So far this is what I have.

I think I wanna add something else to it. Just not sure what.....

I'll post pictures of the end results as soon as I quit jumping to new projects & can finish one!

Until then, thanks.